Annihilate Conference Trance With Unique Entertainment

Conference and Corporate Meeting planning can be quite complex. Planners are responsible for everything from location through enhancing the overall event experience. Well planned daily activities make the event more manageable, but there is still the challenge of keeping attendees engaged and entertained after the daily program. 

After a day of intense concentration on industry topics, Conference Trance may set in. Conference Trance is akin to mental fatigue resulting from  intense information saturation that requires a break for attendees to refuel. Attendees may be eager to retreat to their hotel room to catch up on work, stream their favorite music, or watch movies on demand. However, conference and meeting organizers understand that to maximize the experience and value for their attendees, it is essential to fill this white space with an opportunity to network and build relationships.

Conference and meeting attendees can be invigorated and gain valuable knowledge by making connections with other event attendees. Further, these connections can lead to personal and business development. Event planners often look to sightseeing tours, major league games, restaurants, and other local attractions to create opportunities for attendees to network and build connections. 

In today’s modern world, attendees’ expectations are much higher than in the past. For many attendees, the entertainment MUST be an experience or opportunity to which they would not otherwise have access. On the bleeding edge of opportunity are eGaming and eSports events that, when done correctly, can engage a group from those on the leading edge of tech while still appealing to others who are a bit more nostalgic.

Dyventive has implemented thousands of event technology projects for the world’s leading pharmaceutical, financial, technology, associations, as well as conference and event management organizations. Their team of experts has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing unique meeting and event technology solutions. In 2018, Dyventive launched Arena, powered by Dyventive.  As the nascent eGame and eSport industry gains mainstream traction, game developers searched for opportunities to introduce gaming and new games to an online and offline audience. Arena powered by Dyventive used their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to design and implement an arena experience for any size group in any location. 

It is a modular design and installation approach that enables Arena to extend opportunities to meeting planners as a turn-key solution.

Arena was the exclusive game station partner for the recent Borderline3 launch. This game launch media event was five years in the making. An online and offline seamless activation was critical. Arena was selected for this announcement due to their cutting-edge gaming machine. The equipment supports speed and processing that exceeds many professional gaming standards. It also provides a mobile immersive professional gaming experience that Arena can install on a scalable basis to support any meeting size.

It’s not just about Call of Duty. In a recent activation, Arena introduced an immersive Mario Smash Brothers experience during a scientific conference.  From Mario Smash Brothers to Madden, or from a single player to multi-player team activity, Arena can provide a turn-key modular activation for any conference or meeting event. LED-Wall displays of the game, team bracket designs, and leader boards allow everyone to be involved. Arena is also able to complement today’s eGaming environment with  cabinet-games from days-gone-by including some of the hottest pinball and arcade entertainment. It is an experience that will bring the competitive or fun-loving kid out of everyone while providing a gaming experience that is only available to the top professionals.

Implementing eGaming as part of your corporate event breaks Conference Trance, enables attendee connections, and is a unique way to introduce energizing entertainment in event white space.  In addition, play on such high-performance equipment is rarely experienced outside of professional circles. And best of all, Arena by Dyventive makes it simple. Few others can offer customized tournament design develop digital signage, integrate social media walls, deliver interactive kiosks, and install cutting-edge gaming stations.  

Clients trust Arena to augment their traditional events with a professionally designed, planned and executed non-traditional solution that will engage attendees, annihilate Conference Trance, and offer a unique and memorable experience for every attendee. For more information on this turn-key solution, contact Arena at [email protected]